The Panic Suite was a fun and challenging experiment for both us here at Life Crushed, and hopefully the artists who have contributed. This one is shorter than our previous comps, but for some reason a 6-song compilation seems fitting to the occasion. We are incredibly thankful for those of you who took the time to make something and submit it. This concept of establishing a list of challenges for artists to tackle is something we at LC feel could be successful within this growing community of artists and musicians. Each song that has been submitted has it’s own eerie vibe that makes the spine tingle with anticipation, and we couldn’t have asked for a creepier collection of tracks.

Happy Halloween

DL / Track List after the jump…

1.     Watching Sleeping Angels Burn – Autumna

2.     In My House – Sina

3.     One Good Scare – Brim

4.     Wesley Everest – Le 24

5.     Divine Entropy – Dephin

6.     Awakening - Jaws vs. Paws

Download here…

*Note: This compilation has been filed under theAttribution-NonComercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons licence. Those who profit off of this compilation are subject to prosecution. For more information on this licence please visit CreativeCommons.org. The contributing artists were generous enough to give you their work, do not profit off of what you have not produced…

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