Guest Mix: Daniel Klauser

Somewhere between gearing up for his forthcoming release on Soulless Lab and recording under his new alias, Mr. Daniel Klauser managed to find the time to contact and mix a dazzling 40 minute set for us. What follows is brilliance manifested through auditory format. Klauser, by way of what we believe to be magic, has not only curated a substantial mix but also succeeded to link every song together no matter how different the textural composition. In itself, not an easy task but when coupled with a release and side project; incontrovertibly mystical. Download Daniel Klauser’s guest mix via Mediafire.

Track List:

  1. Dehousy x Paris Love Story - Kiss Me
  2. Jmsn - Alone (Kastle Remix)
  3. Frank Ocean - Pyramids
  4. Mickey Retro - The Prayer
  5. Pheo -The All been Vintage
  6. Kings - Big Star Little Star
  7. Erotic City - Pacifics
  8. Disclosure - Boiling
  9. Imaabs - Affections (Magnum Remix)
  10. Viadrina - It’s Ok (Prince Club Remix)
  11. Gel Abril & Andrea Oliva - Scene (Original Mix)
  12. Stsb & Saalmen - Superman (Daniel Klauser Remix)
  13. Tommy Jacob - Your Feelin Me (Original Mix)
  14. Daniel Klauser - Fuck That (Original Mix)
  15. Tokimonsta Ft. Rucyl - Fame Boozer’s Lullaby
  16. Affctns - Is What It Is (Unreleased)
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