Dead Times - Freefall

A trend seems to be emerging out of our little micro-genre; a trend that we’re all too eager to get behind. This paradigm renders itself through the blend of RnB aesthetics and bass music production. Dead Times, US native’s and all around solid guys, are the perfect example of this recent movement. Although they do utilize tidy vocals, that doesn’t necessarily mean they rely on them to carry their production. Rather, musicality is brought to the forefront along with the ghostly verbal melodies. In the instance of their new gem “Freefall” this certain ethic is exemplified to the T. Raw bass rhythms mixed with breathy harmonics layer themselves across the soundscape like a warm blanket, coating the listeners’ ear with the temperate touch of oozy reverb. For more RnB inspired hymns and a download of the track above, find the boys on Soundcloud.

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    Dead Times "Freefall" Nice and slow…dark and brooding. Perfect Monday tune.
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    Excellent analysis from lifecrushed on this awesome, awesome track. The indie rnb movement is alive and well, folks....
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