Tracklist (Song - Artist)

  1. 86 - Fractals
  2. Obvious - Anthony Ellect
  3. Groove - Stranger
  4. Cold Sweats - Ahadadream
  5. Holly Would - Arapaima
  6. Lacuna - Medla & Lohko
  7. Thermos - Harry Lawless
  8. You Say - Mosis
  9. Pips - Fourth State
  10. Telling You - Zöö
  11. Lunacy - Lateral
  12. Pistachio - Ka
  13. Hurry Up and Think - Underscore
  14. Pheromone Groove - Kongoko
  15. No Reason - Happa
  16. Boowaa - DES!MAL
  17. Nosferatu - Liar
  18. We Did - Twin Empire


Favored III…

To The Artists:

We are sincerely, and truly grateful to each and every one of you who put forth the time and effort to communicate with us, and submit a piece of your craft to our compilation. Over the past few months that we have been working on Favored III, we have received close to 50+ submissions, making it hard for us to narrow it down to just 18. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to those that did not make it onto this compilation. In no way do we see your music as less qualified. Take it as encouragement to submit to our next collaborative work. To those who have made it onto the compilation, we are so very thankful that you have decided to participate and join forces with us. The community we are shaping and fostering is something particularly exquisite. 

To The Readers:

Without your support and confidence in Life Crushed, and the demand you put forth for this culture, there would be no need to supply and promote this community - making each and every one of you just as important and necessary for the relevancy of this blog. Your presence throughout our site, our Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. is what makes our world go round. We are humbled by you. 

So, without further ado, we give you our latest compilation. Welcome to Favored III.


Life Crushed

*Note: This compilation has been filed under theAttribution-NonComercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons licence. Those who profit off of this compilation are subject to prosecution. For more information on this licence please visit CreativeCommons.org. The contributing artists were generous enough to give you their work, do not profit off of what you have not produced…

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